alex maryaskin, store owner and Goldsmith
Coin Silver Mirror created by Maryaskin

Alex Maryaskin

Owner and Goldsmith

AlexMaryaskin is a Master Goldsmith with 23 years of experience in fine custom jewelry design.  Originally from the Ukraine, Maryaskin came to the United States in 1997 and resides in the Tidewater area of Virginia.  He started making jewelry in a maintenance shop using a welding torch and improvised tools, some he made himself.  As time went on he showed his work at a local jewelry store to sell it on consignment.  A couple of years later he became the jeweler in that same store.  

He has a strong belief in the everyday wearabilty of fine jewelry. He often bezel sets stones to ensure  structural stability, which is not often seen in traditional fine jewelry. His award winning hand fabricated filigree style is just as durable. 
Maryaskin's passion shows through his meticulous detail and balance fashionable jewelry.

Maryaskin is the recipient of many awards including: the Mayors award in the Stockley Gardens show, “Best in Show” in the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture show, and the "Virginia's Finest Artist Award” at The Boardwalk Art Show at Virginia Beach. He was published in “The Jewelry Artist Magazine” by Lapidary Journal with a Second Place award. In 2014, he received the Saul Bell First Place for the Holloware /Art Objects Design Award. You can read his interview with Rio Grande here.