Why Visit Our Store?

Feel The Difference

Online photos are pretty, but it's not the same as actually touching and trying on a piece of jewelry. By coming into our store, you can test if the jewelry is comfortable on your wrist/ear/finger/neck. Is it heavy enough? Light enough? How does it actually LOOK on you? How do you feel when you hold it?


Enjoy Store-Only Offers

Only at our friendly Yorktown jewelry store, you can browse our half-price jewelry case—always well stocked with incredible deals on discontinued items and more. You won't find these online! 

Get Discounts on Citizen Watches

We sell high-quality Citizen watches only in our store! Our everyday price is 20% off retail, so it's definitely worth a trip to visit us!

Talk to Professionals

Our caring staff and expert jewelers are here to help! Unlike most stores, we'll give you a free assessment of your jewelry using our knowledge and equipment, and will advise you whether or not it needs a full appraisal. 

Best of all, if you are getting  jewelry designed or repaired, you can talk directly to the artisan who is working on your piece! No more relying on a game of "telephone" to communicate your questions and requests through various salespeople. Some of our best kudos have come from customers saying, "Wow, I can actually talk to the guy who is working on my ring."

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