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Why wear the same thing as everyone else? We craft one-of-a-kind jewelry that speaks to your style and your soul. Our unique handmade jewelry creations are always a conversation piece, often a gift and never made from cheap materials. It's one reason our artists and store have won so many awards. These multi-talented metalsmiths use only the best quality metals, stones and methods, for jewelry you can wear for a lifetime—and then pass down. 

Handmade Jewelry Yorktown VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you work with costume jewelry?

The world today sells a lot of what we call "throwaway jewelry," which does not align with our company values. Our work is of the best quality, and we base our work and repairs on keeping your jewelry structurally strong and wearable. If we can’t stand behind it, we’d rather not get involved with it. Unlike many in the jewelry industry, Simply Unique does not buy into fads just to make money.

If we would not give a piece to our own spouse, we will not sell it to you!

What is your one-year guarantee?

We stand behind any piece we have sold or repaired for 1 year from the date of pickup. We will repair or replace any problems that arise during this time due to structural issues or normal wear and tear. We do NOT cover pieces that have been abused, such as going through a garbage disposal, rolled over with a car, crushed in a doorway, or battered in a motorcycle accident (these are all real customer stories!). That said, while abuse situations like these are not covered by our guarantee, we’re still happy to repair them at our normal rates (we were able to rebuild jewelry in all of the above stories, except the garbage disposal).

How do I know your staff is honest and capable?

Our staff are chosen carefully, both for their ability and their customer service skills. They are friendly, smart, sharp and have been able to learn quickly about your jewelry we care for—best of all, if they don’t know the answer, they will be transparent about it! Our metalsmiths can work on just about any gold or platinum jewelry, restore nearly any antique piece, set almost any stone. They know the questions to ask to learn your taste, habits, activities, workload on jewelry, and most important, the style you are seeking.

Why are your prices higher than jewelry store chains?

Rather than focusing on price, what you need to consider is value. Think of the last few pieces of jewelry you bought that broke. The cost of one repair was probably the difference between that store’s price and ours; and that jewelry was probably made with lower-grade materials and less artistic originality than ours. Our price not only covers better materials, but the craftsmanship of our jewelers.

We do offer an open-end layaway program to help you overcome the one-of-a-kind price, so you can get what you love and not just what you can afford.