Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum and Diamond ring or pendant


Simply Unique Jewelry Designs is a locally owned store in Yorktown, Virginia that emphasizes award-winning artisan-ship and custom hand fabricated jewelry designs. Our metalsmiths have a combined experience of 50 years and specialize in hand-fabrication with filigree accents and stone settings. Our jewelry always looks, feels, and wears better than any photograph can reveal. Come by and see us today!

Why Come to Simply Unique Jewelry Designs?

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of custom jewelry?

In need of a talented artisan to restore or modernize a piece of inherited jewelry?

Interested in exploring a wide selection of precious stones?

Whatever your need may be, come to Simply Unique Jewelry Designs.

From custom designs to expert repairs, we’re a shop where treasures are both created and rediscovered.  Simply Unique Jewelry Designs is a jeweler that you can trust with the important work. Whether your looking for a traditional diamond ring or vibrant color stone pendant, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The Simply Unique metalsmiths specialize in gold, but also skilled in working with sterling silver and platinum.

We provide a wide range of services and repair work. You'll receive true metalwork expertise from some of Yorktown's finest jewelers. Come by and see us for:

We have a wide range of stunning artisan jewelry available to fit any style or occasion. Please visit our Gold Collection page for our full inventory.

In order to empower creativity, we offer you a wide inventory of precious stones to choose from. These stones can be used to create a ring, a pendant or a piece of your own design. Some of our stones include:

  • High Grade Opals

  • Loose Diamonds

  • Sapphires

  • Emeralds

  • Rubies

  • Tsavorite Garnet

  • Fire Agate

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Want to explore your options for a beautiful custom ring, pendant, and unique jewelry? 
Contact Simply Unique Jewelry Designs to speak with a custom jeweler in Yorktown, Virginia.